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… and Steve Job, two good friends from high school started a revolution that will never end. They invented the first Apple computer (1976, the basis for all personal computers to come, the Apple I. It ran on one megahertz and had…
Details: Words: 736 | Pages: 3.0 (approximately 235 words/page)
… C++ and Digital Interfacing Abstract The prospect of interfacing a physical digital device with the use of software, and affecting the output of software with a physical digital device was investigated. The computers were fitted with ports…
Details: Words: 575 | Pages: 2.0 (approximately 235 words/page)
… Summary of Getting the Most out of Power Point by Ricky Telg and Tracy Irani Did you know that more than 90 percent of computer-based presentations in this country are created using Power Point? This is the case according to an article by Ricky Telg…
Details: Words: 646 | Pages: 2.0 (approximately 235 words/page)
… the work put into Mark Smith and Trevor Snaith's noughts and crosses program, for this semesters work. The report includes the aims throughout the project, which is to produce a noughts and crosses programme in "C", the problems which we encountered…
Details: Words: 3246 | Pages: 12.0 (approximately 235 words/page)
… electrical engineers design, build, test, and evaluate new computer chips, circuit boards, computer systems, and peripheral devices. The goal of computer engineering is to produce computing devices that run efficiently and economically. Different…
Details: Words: 756 | Pages: 3.0 (approximately 235 words/page)
… specialized skills which enables students of the study to find jobs as developers of computer software, as programmers of algorithms and applications to be used internally and externally by their company, and as designers of computer and video games.…
Details: Words: 1632 | Pages: 6.0 (approximately 235 words/page)
… the computer industry, the foundations of relational databases can be tracked back to IBM in the 1960's and 70's, and their research into automating office functions. It was during this period in history that firms discovered that it was becoming far…
Details: Words: 5885 | Pages: 21.0 (approximately 235 words/page)
… is their size or "footprint". A pc is about 18" square and maybe 8" wide. Most people could take one apart with little or no training and install a new component like a modem or sound card. You can go buy a PC at most computer stores for less…
Details: Words: 1167 | Pages: 4.0 (approximately 235 words/page)
… breaks the misused term 'hacker' in to its sub categories provides descriptions of the categories and a psychological profile of the most common type. ------------------------------- Hackers cannot be defined by skin color, religion, or race, nor…
Details: Words: 1322 | Pages: 5.0 (approximately 235 words/page)
… proposes the creation of a second level domain within this Country's United States Top Level Domain that sets aside an address on the Internet and World Wide Web for information that is suitable for minor children of age 12 and younger. …
Details: Words: 385 | Pages: 1.0 (approximately 235 words/page)
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