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… issues in America, such as: the legal system, legalizing drugs, and whether or not the justice system is fair or not. This paper, however, is not on one of those examples. It is on the long asked question of whether or not gun control is needed. Some…
Details: Words: 908 | Pages: 3.0 (approximately 235 words/page)
… - about growing up, screwing up and ending up unhappy, and it'd have tons of preachy tear-jerker scenes, endless regret and squalor, and the most bittersweet, contrived ending you've ever had the disservice of hearing. It'd have drugs, and depression,…
Details: Words: 911 | Pages: 3.0 (approximately 235 words/page)
… general, people who drink regularly have a higher rate of deaths from injury, violence, and some cancers. The earlier a person begins drinking heavily, the greater their chance of developing serious illnesses later on. Any protection that occurs with…
Details: Words: 955 | Pages: 3.0 (approximately 235 words/page)
… of the American Population) The tragedies throughout our history emulate the fact that the American population is too easily convinced of "true lies", and therefore too na├»ve. They are just too gullible for their own good. Pearl Harbor is just…
Details: Words: 755 | Pages: 3.0 (approximately 235 words/page)
… very deep in our past. With this deep history we are able to look at the reasons people choose to get certain body parts pierced. Do they get them because of the tradition of their culture, or rather just a trend or fashion statement? Throughout time…
Details: Words: 500 | Pages: 2.0 (approximately 235 words/page)
… frenzy over the Taliban regime. The outrage felt and expressed by the public at the media portrayal of their treatment of women was distinct and tangible. Images of women covered from head to toe immediately arise due to a very effective propaganda…
Details: Words: 426 | Pages: 2.0 (approximately 235 words/page)
… War --South America --Glenn Kessler --Washington Post, December 5th. In a startling example of why the United States is suffering from a growing deficit, the Bush administration has secured the right from Congress to increase foreign aid to…
Details: Words: 1079 | Pages: 4.0 (approximately 235 words/page)
… in the world. Sometimes the event only effects the area where it takes place. Other times the event effects the surrounding area as well. Occasionally, the event effects the entire international community. In my opinion, there are five pressing issues…
Details: Words: 945 | Pages: 3.0 (approximately 235 words/page)
… generation of America disagrees with their juvenile counterparts. In the grown-up world, rap is nothing more than an industry of obscenities, misogyny, and thugs from the ghetto. During every generation, some old-fashioned, ill-humored people have…
Details: Words: 712 | Pages: 3.0 (approximately 235 words/page)
… debate in the United States. Some people favor stringent gun control laws, while others are staunch supporters of the constitutional right to keep and bear arms. Both sides of the issue have many voters in agreement with them. For example, the "Million…
Details: Words: 1074 | Pages: 4.0 (approximately 235 words/page)
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