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Letter "D" » Dr. Howard Tullman Quotes
«You?ve got to fix the people first. Insiders and new people. Everything else flows from that. And in today?s complex world, nobody does anything successful alone ? it?s all about teamwork.»
«In these situations, nothing is more important than communication. In every direction and to every audience or constituency. At the College, this meant staff, faculty, management, trustees, students, parents, regulators and even the public. But you can?t do it all at once. You can do anything you want, but not everything you want.»
«You get used to it after a while. Working with him is like changing the tires on a moving car. You come in each morning without a clue as to what the day will bring. All you know is that the day will fly by and there will be screaming. It?s like having a picnic at the end of the runway at O?Hare.»
«. ?I was pretty honest from my first day at the College that nothing was ever going to be the same. No more ?business as usual?. No more head-in-the-sand. Hope is not an effective strategy in these situations. The only direction things go by themselves is downhill. Those days were over at Kendall.?»
«It's like childbirth. It?s uncomfortable, painful, sometimes bloody, but you?re always being stretched.»
«We had been searching and hoping for some solution for the College for years. Now I know that Howard?s a more secular kind of guy. He told me once that it?s sometimes hard to distinguish between praying and whining, but this transformation is precisely what many of us have prayed for ? each in our own way ? and those prayers have been answered.»
«When I arrived, the bank was knocking at the door, the College was in a crisis, and everyone in the place was afraid for their jobs. It was not a pretty picture. My job was clear: save it, sell it, or shut it down. Clear and obvious, but by no means simple or straightforward. I always say that you should never mistake a clear view for a short distance.»
«Of course, you?ve also got to follow up and make sure that the changes you?re asking for get made. Excuses or apologies which aren?t accompanied by changes in behavior (and real results) are just insults.»
«The only way to lead people is to show them a vision of where you?re headed and a path to get there together. These days people don?t commit to companies or colleges, they commit to other people. That?s the name of the game.»
«In some ways, convincing these guys to come to Kendall - when there were days when I wondered myself what I was doing there ? was one of my hardest sales. It was a little like selling people tickets to the last trip on the Titanic. But they came.»

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